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Why investors from Australia SKN St.  Capture Pölten

Why investors from Australia SKN St. Capture Pölten

According to KURIER research, it is FC32. Abbreviation indicates Football Club 32 and is from Paul Francis as well as Kristy Jenkins People from Australia are listed.

Francis is the former manager of the research department NikeThis too Adidas was active.

Jenkins is a former beach volleyball player. Supported by FC32 Athletic Ventures, an investor platform From America.

Seven clubs from Australia to Italy

Big difference Wolfsburg: FC32 have little experience in professional football. According to Jenkins, the portfolio will eventually consist of “seven football clubs”. As the investor refers to as “teams of both sexes”, it can be assumed that SKN has come into the limelight because of the highly successful women.

have been made public so far Negotiations with Salernitana, Bellinzona (second Swiss league) and Newcastle from Australia.

The player agent brokered the deal Frank Schreyer. According to KURIER information, several millions will flow for several seasons.

SKN leader Helmut Schwarzl It did not name the financiers and declined to confirm FC32, but essentially said: “We are working on finalizing the entry of an investor.”

FC32 take over Wolfsburg stake

Will FC32 take over SKN's shares from Wolfsburg – or should they buy them? Schwarzl added, “The previous partner accommodated us because they knew it was a difficult situation for SKN.”

It will be next season with a new sponsor Give it another try to climb back up. Coach Semlik The team, currently dormant, hopes to pick up speed soon enough to move ahead with the summer's necessary restructuring.

But Schwarzl insists: “We want a long-term partnership. Everything will definitely not be done for next year,” he said.

Does Paul Francis endorse a “collective reboot”?

Due to Wolfsburg's relegation, the club was in denial for a long time Fierce rifts between sporting director Schlatroff, manager Gebauer and sporting director Vavra, who knew nothing of the Germans' exit clause. They followed Many accents.

Schwarzle believes that “one Generic restart“.

However, there will be Paul Francis And his partners have an opinion.