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Why are the Women’s World Cup matches being played so early?  All information about the time difference

Why are the Women’s World Cup matches being played so early? All information about the time difference

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In less than a week, the Women’s Soccer World Cup will begin in Australia and New Zealand. Games at times not suitable for Europeans.

and Young The German women’s national team arrived at the camp in Wyong yesterday He is preparing for the group stage matches from now on. Unusual problems await German internationals in Australia and New Zealand. When our Down Under ladies strive for the title, many are just getting up or working out.

Defending Heroes: United States of America
Standard winners: USA (four titles)
place: Australia and New Zealand

Ahead of the World Cup: DFB ladies battle jet lag in Wyoung

The 70-strong delegation from the German Football Association (DFB) arrived at the Base Camp in Wyong on Thursday. The city of 4,500 is located about 100km south of Sydney and it is here that the team prepares for the preliminary round matches. The first match will be against Morocco on July 24th.

Accordingly, the DFB women still have ten days to get used to the conditions on site in Australia. It is important to overcome jet lag as soon as possible and prepare as best you can for the three matches in the group stage. Women must keep the German Football Association flag.

Unusual starting times for the German Women’s Federation. © IMAGO / Laci Perenyi

Women’s World Cup: Matches in the early hours

for the first time FIFA World Cup in Australia discharged. What is immediately noticeable when looking at the game plan are the unusual start times. Nigeria meets Canada at 4.30am. The defending champions from the United States take on Vietnam at 3am. Otherwise, games are usually split between seven and twelve in the morning.

For the German team, matches will take place after noon CET. At 10:30 am, the FA selection meets Morocco. The second match will be played at 11.30 am against Colombia. The match against South Korea will conclude at twelve o’clock.

Time difference in the Women’s World Cup in New Zealand and Australia

The reason for the early starting times is the time difference between Australia, New Zealand and the participating countries. For example, Germany is eight hours behind Sydney. This means that the German national team plays its matches in the early hours of the evening on Saturday in the two host countries.

To ensure that tournament ratings remain correct, FIFA has ensured that matches take place at times that appear to be suitable for all spectators around the world. Because of the time difference, the United States play their matches much earlier in the day than European teams. It is similar to South Korea. (my neighbour)