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WhatsApp: What models are no longer supported?

WhatsApp: What models are no longer supported?

In the past, WhatsApp often excluded mobile phones whose operating systems were too old. WhatsApp will also increase compatibility requirements in October 2023.

Will WhatsApp stop working on my Android device?

WhatsApp currently supports Android 4.1 or later operating systems. But this has to change soon. “As of October 24, 2023, only Android 5.0 and above will be supported,” the messaging service of the tech giant, Meta, wrote on its website. You can find out if your smartphone is affected by this in Settings when you go to the System tab.

When deciding which operating systems to exclude, the age of hardware and software plays a particularly important role. According to WhatsApp, the older a cell phone is, the fewer people will use it. But security standards also played a role in the decision: older devices may not have the latest security updates or may lack the functionality required to run WhatsApp. It’s also essential to dismiss devices frequently so you can focus on new technologies.

However, before WhatsApp stops working on their mobile phones, affected users will be notified several times in time and asked to update their devices.

Which iPhones does WhatsApp support?

For the same reasons, WhatsApp only works on iPhone iOS 12 or later. In addition, SMS always recommends using the latest version available. Regular updates are essential to ensure the smooth functioning of WhatsApp.

Do I have to get a new mobile phone if I want to continue using WhatsApp?

Before you rush to buy a new smartphone, you should first check if you can update the operating system. To do this, simply go to Settings on Android and look for System update under the System tab. Software updates are also regularly displayed in your iPhone settings.

If that doesn’t help, you should consider whether it’s time to buy a new cell phone.