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What does the symbol “1” mean?

What does the symbol “1” mean?

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A new icon has appeared in the beta version of the WhatsApp application. Users wonder what the number “1” means in voice messages.

MUNICH – There is hardly a new job WhatsAppThe next update is already coming. This also applies to the beta version of the popular messaging service, where functionality is tested by a small group of users before being released. A small “1” icon has been appearing next to some voice messages for some time now. This icon also appears while recording a voice message. Behind this is a feature that is already available for other media.

For some time, the number ‘1’ could appear next to the audio in some WhatsApp voice messages. But what does it show? © Karl Josef Hildenbrand/dpa/imago/montage

With the new WhatsApp function, voice messages can only be played once

Such as, among other things WhatsApp reportedly intends to expand the one-time view feature to voice messages as well. This means: Photos, videos and possibly in the future voice messages sent in a WhatsApp chat will be deleted immediately after they are viewed by the contact in question. Therefore viewing the corresponding images or videos is possible only once. This is now possible thanks to one Change WhatsApp also respond to photos in a jiffy.

For anyone who is particularly concerned about security or sending sensitive information via WhatsApp, the option is to activate the offer once and thus ensure the protection of your private data. Consequently Blog WABetaInfo WhatsApp is now expanding this functionality to include voice messages. Screenshot of WABetaInfo It aims to show the innovations that have been introduced:

You can watch a WhatsApp chat in which voice messages are sent and received, which can only be listened to once.
WhatsApp already offers this functionality for photos and videos. Voice messages can now be sent so they can only be accessed once. © WABetaInfo/screenshot

Some users can already use the new WhatsApp feature

While recording a voice message, a new one-time view icon appears in the chat bar. Anyone who clicks on that little letter, “1,” sends the voice message in a way that the recipient can’t export. The same applies to forwarding, storing, and recording. These voice messages are also marked with the number “1” in the chat itself.

WhatsApp’s updated voice messaging feature should already be available for trial for users of beta versions for Android or for iOS. With the latest changes However, soon Whatsapp will no longer work on some mobile phones.

Certain procedures must be followed to use the new functionality on Whatsapp

For those who want to record and send voice messages on WhatsApp which can be played only once, the following procedure must be followed: First, the hands-free mode must be turned on. To do this, press and hold the microphone icon and then “swipe” up.

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Next, you can select the little “1” icon, located right next to it. The message “Voice message is set to display once” will then appear. But be careful: it is quite possible that the small number code is selected by mistake. The voice message is sent even though the recipient may not be expecting any sound – and the sender can no longer play the voice message. (Han)

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