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'What an achievement, Donald': Trump wins his own golf tournament – Biden teases

'What an achievement, Donald': Trump wins his own golf tournament – Biden teases

Donald Trump 2020 at a tournament: The former US president loves spending time on golf courses.

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Former US President Donald Trump won two tournaments at his golf club. Joe Biden's jibes don't take long to arrive.

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  • Donald Trump has won two tournaments at his golf club.
  • He posted about it on Truth Social that night.
  • US President Joe Biden used the post to criticize.

US President Joe Biden mocked Donald Trump in a post on Platform X. Trump posted on the Truth social network that night that he had won a golf tournament at his private club.

“It is a great honor for me to accept the Club Championship Trophy and the Senior Club Championship Trophy tonight at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. I won both!” Trump wrote in the post on Truth Social.

“The wonderful and difficult course made the match very exciting,” Trump said. “Very interesting, thank you very much!”

Biden posted a screenshot of the post on Channel X on Monday evening, Swiss time, and wrote: “Congratulations Donald! “What an achievement.”

It didn't take long before Trump's camp responded, and it was violent. His spokesman told a US political newspaper: “Corrupt Joe Biden is jealous because everything he does physically is an embarrassment – whether it's falling off his bike, hitting golf balls, or just falling on his ass in front of the world.” “Hill.”

The taunts between Biden and Trump are just the latest chapter in a series of attacks from both camps. Both candidates have been confirmed for the presidential elections scheduled for November for about two weeks.

Trump is ahead of Biden in the latest opinion polls, but by a very small margin. The Republican challenger currently has a lead of about 1.9 percentage points over the Democratic incumbent.