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Weight loss not working?  3 features can be responsible

Weight loss not working? 3 features can be responsible

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Those who want to lose weight often adhere to strict diets in a disciplined manner. There are factors to blame if weight loss doesn't work.

Many people want to feel comfortable in their bodies and achieve their desired weight. Diets, weight loss trends, and dietary changes should help. Despite iron discipline, it often happens that the pounds will not fall off. If weight loss doesn't work, it may be due to various factors, as the scientists found in their study.

Weight loss doesn't work: There are three factors to blame

Certain biomarkers can have an impact on whether or not you can lose weight. © ImagineChina-Touchong/Imago
  • Study results on weight loss success: Available in the specialized magazine Cell Medicine Reports published Stady The researchers analyzed data from about 600 people who followed different diets, including low-fat or low-carbohydrate.
  • Search goal: Scientists wanted to know what factors influence the success of short- or long-term diets and which biomarkers play a role.
  • Three critical vital indicators: In addition to calories, researchers have identified three biomarkers that influence weight loss success: the amount of gut bacteria, the level of exhaled carbon dioxide, and the body's ability to produce proteins.
  • Function of vital signs: These biomarkers provide information about a person's metabolism and can provide information about which diet method is most suitable for an individual's weight loss success.
  • The crucial role of metabolism: Metabolism plays a crucial role in weight loss, and changes to it can negatively impact your desired weight loss.
  • Weight loss as a complex process: Study author Dr. Michael Snyder emphasizes that weight loss is a complex and ambiguous process, but one that can be predicted through analysis of the microbiome and metabolic biomarkers.
  • Individual differences in metabolism: People have different types of metabolism, and the study shows that individual metabolic differences are important in determining which diet method is most effective.
  • Challenges of a low-carb diet: One example is that people whose bodies prefer carbohydrates may have difficulty burning and metabolizing calories on a low-carb, high-fat diet.
  • Conclusion about weight loss: Weight loss success depends not only on discipline and willpower, but also on an individual's metabolism and the way the body works.
  • Nutritional recommendations: Since personalized nutritional analysis is not yet possible, experts recommend eating high-quality, unprocessed foods with little sugar and refined flour, as well as consuming important nutrients from vegetables, nuts, unsaturated fatty acids and fibre.

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