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Weather: We are currently experiencing a classic Indian summer

Weather: We are currently experiencing a classic Indian summer


We are currently experiencing a classic Indian summer

Temperatures continue to be above average, with temperatures reaching 26 degrees. But such weather is not unusual at this time.


This week we are still enjoying temperatures reaching 26 degrees, and this phase of warm weather in September and early October is called Indian Summer.

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  • The weather will continue to be sunny over the next few days, with temperatures rising to 26 degrees.

  • This warm weather phase in the second half of September is called Indian summer.

  • In general, September is coming with record temperatures.

Very warm temperatures during successive periods Brighter and warmer The days of the second half of September and the beginning of October are called Indian summer. As SRF Meteo writes, this is usually high Central or near Eastern Europe responsible.

September, which is about to end, will also break all records in terms of temperatures and will go down in weather history as the warmest September since measurements began, according to MeteoNews. In addition, in the north we are on track to achieve record times in terms of sunshine duration.

Indian summer, where does this term come from?

This warm phase in the fall is not unusual. Temperatures of 25 degrees or higher occur frequently. We’re talking about a so-called singularity, similar to the thaw at Christmas or the cold weather in June, according to the SRF Meteo website.

However, when it gets cold at night, heavy dew often forms. So that in the morning it looks as if it rained heavily during the night. Hence the name Indian Summer. Because after wet nights, spider webs become easier to see. In Old German these were called women. The ancient word part was used to describe late summer, according to the SRF Meteo website.

Similar to the German-speaking region, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia have Indian summers with warm phases in autumn with different conditions. For example, in Finland it is called Ruska-Aika and in Sweden it is called Birgitta-Sommer. In Canada, Indian Summer is a term that comes from the changing colors of the trees.

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