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Watermarks in Word and LibreOffice Writer

Watermarks in Word and LibreOffice Writer

You can easily add a watermark to a Word or LibreOffice Writer document. Whether it’s grayscale text like “Top Secret!” or a photo.

Example of a Word document with a text watermark


Sometimes you may want to add a label to a document that draws the reader’s attention to the fact that, for example, you’re just looking at a draft text. Or that the document is confidential. Or you want to add your company logo to your text. However, the watermark is not used to beautify the document.

We show the following using Word from Microsoft 365 and LibreOffice Writer 7.4. If you’re looking for instructions for older versions of Word, continue reading here.

Watermark in Word

Switch to tab in Word Draft And opened in the region page background food menu Watermark. Some watermark templates are already there, like “Confidential” or “Urgent”. But you can also use your own short text or even an image. access to this Custom watermark. Select about watermark image Navigate to the image you want.

watch out! Watermarks should usually only appear in gray behind the text so as not to interfere too much with reading the text. Color pictures like photos are not suitable for this, because if you were laundry outsideIn the same dialog, the image becomes very faded and unrecognizable. And when you click laundry outside-The watermark is too strong and distracts from the text. Even a colorful logo won’t look good. In this case, I’d recommend opening a copy of the logo in an image editor (such as IrfanView) and coloring it black. black with laundry outsideUsually the most appropriate option.

Insert a watermark into your Word document here.


It is a little simpler and easier to care for Watermark text. Click in the field text Enter the watermark text, such as “Top Secret” or in our example “PCtipp rocks!”. Pick the line, leave it measuring on car(…matic) and give it a try color Once with the default shade of gray. You can easily change it. Also try turning off and on translucent. You can use the temporary score takes over Exam. Finally, determine if the text Qatari or Horizontal It must appear. If everything suits, click Yes. The watermark will appear in the same place on every page of the document.

Example of a text watermark