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Die Gruppe geht trotz der aktuell in Europa vorherrschenden Energiekrise von einer weiterhin positiv

Von Roll surfs the electric wave | Company real estate

Industrial company Von Roll has grown in the first half of the year and is still in the black. Growth is expected to continue, based on a combination of electrical insulating materials and composites.

Greatest hopes rest on a recent contract with battery cell maker, Automotive Cells Corporation (ACC), after a start-up period of one and a half years for the business. This is a joint venture between car manufacturers Stellantis (including Fiat), Mercedes-Benz and the oil company TotalEnergies. They want to produce battery cells in a yet-to-be-built factory from 2024.

Von Roll’s Electrical Insulation division will provide thermal management and fire protection products for batteries. The total order volume is about 40 million euros, which is about a quarter of the division’s annual sales. From 2024, it should materialize over four to five years. As Finance Director Artur Lust said at “Finanz und Wirtschaft”, negotiations are already underway to supply ACC’s other planned production sites.

First-class new customers

Airbus has become a new customer in the automotive division. The preformed components required by the aircraft manufacturer have entered the pre-use approval phase. The first sales of this will be generated in mid to late 2023.