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Vision Pro without authenticator: Microsoft slows down the speed of native Office

Vision Pro without authenticator: Microsoft slows down the speed of native Office

Microsoft has put a lot of effort into supporting Apple's new Vision Pro mixed reality headset from day one. There are versions of word processing software Word, spreadsheet Excel, presentation software PowerPoint, and communications software Teams that have been directly adapted to VisionOS. All this should be done The software company saidruns with Microsoft 365 personal and business subscriptions – as well as student and student licenses.


However, there's a catch: which companies you share your Office installations with Microsoft Authenticator Safe No Interference This not-so-rare scenario of the app has obviously been overlooked or there is a technical issue with it. This user group currently only has the option to use cloud versions of Office products via Apple's Safari browser.

In contrast to the unified multifactorial approach TOTP (which is also supported by Microsoft), Microsoft Authenticator must be running on the device that will be activated for Office applications. The reason for this is that admin instructions can also be sent when you register with the tool. Many major companies use this.

Problem: Microsoft has not yet been able to port the proprietary authenticator to Vision Pro. There are only versions for iPhone and iPad, but not for VisionOS, so it doesn't appear in the VisionOS App Store. also The beta version of Microsoft Authenticator is distributed via TestFlight No steps have yet been made to support Vision Pro. Microsoft has not announced its status yet. Customers are upset in return. “I have deployed all other Office programs — except Authenticator, to support it,” one affected person wrote last week. On X – He uses the hashtag “#crazy.”

It's not clear why Microsoft Authenticator isn't working yet on Vision Pro. If there are technical reasons, it could be – at least according to speculation – due to the lack of MDM support in VisionOS 1.0(.3). Apple wants to add this with VisionOS 1.1, which is expected to appear in the coming weeks. As long as the authenticator is not available, those affected will not be able to use the impressive office products found in Vision Pro.

By the way, when using the web versions of Word, Excel & Co. In Safari on your headset, it's also possible to get consent via Authenticator. Unlike native apps, you're allowed to confirm it via an external device, such as an iPhone or iPad. The reason for this is that the respective administrator instructions cannot (or cannot) be sent here.


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