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VfR fans storm the field against Koblenz

VfR fans storm the field against Koblenz

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VfR fans storm the pitch during the 1:3 defeat to Koblenz. © Alexander Haag

In the 1:3 defeat in the regional league against Koblenz, the match was stopped for several minutes due to the guests leaving the field.

Allen. VfR Aalen fans walk away from their team. This dominated the game for 80 minutes in freezing temperatures, took a 1-0 lead and then completely collapsed. Relegation-threatened TuS Koblenz scored three goals in five minutes and turned the game on its head. VfR fans went crazy. After 1:2, they broke through the security gate to the pitch, entered the stadium, but were then rejected. When the third goal was scored, the Ultras broke through the gate again, this time storming the field – and the Koblenz players immediately entered the dressing room. Of fear. After a few minutes of discussion, the guests return. The game is still going on. It remains 1:3. Then the fans insulted the players. “We work hard, shoveling everything for free and then something like this comes along…” on the fan block.