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Users are complaining about the current devices battery performance

Users are complaining about the current devices battery performance

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The new iPhone 15 will be presented in the fall. Some iPhone 14 users are now reporting reduced battery performance. That writes Apple support.

Munich – Apple Group announced recently New artificial intelligence technologies (AI) to work. Earnings have increased recently, although iPhone sales have been declining. So the new iPhone 15 should be presented as early as fall 2023. But now report out loud technology book Some iPhone 14 users have indicated that the battery capacity has decreased by 10 percent after just one year.

American YouTube user and content creator Sam Cole posted on the social networking platform “X”, formerly known as “Twitter”, that his iPhone 14 Pro only had 90 percent of its original 100 percent battery capacity after less than a year. Kohl tests Apple products on his YouTube channel X or X and keeps his more than 400,000 followers up to date on the latest news from the group. However, with his tweet about battery performance, he sparked a great discussion.

iPhone 14 users complain about low battery capacity

More than 2,000 users have already commented on the tweet and posted screenshots of their battery capacity. Some agree with Kohl and state that the iPhone 14 also only has 90 percent capacity. Others share photos with 100 or 99 percent battery power. This indicates that not all users are affected. high technology book A loss of more than 10 percent is unusual. Their test results show that even the iPhone 12 or 13 still has 89 to 100 percent capacity after up to three years.

Since iOS 11.3, iPhone users can see their device’s battery performance and this is how it works:

  • in “settings”
  • Select “Battery”.
  • Then tap on “Battery status and charging process”.
  • Maximum Capacity is shown in percentages
  • Source: Apple
Many charge their cell phones overnight to get through the day with as much battery power as possible. It seems that some devices are not fully charged even then. Recently, some iPhone 14 users have complained of decreased performance. © Ok Shu / Imago

Meanwhile, Apple Support also responded to Sam Kohl’s tweet and wrote that customers can contact Apple Support directly if they have problems with the battery. Basically, batteries are consumables and it is recommended to replace them at less than 80 percent capacity. In some cases, Apple also offers a free battery replacement, such as when your “AppleCare+” insurance policy has been withdrawn. However, customers should first contact Apple directly to see if this service is possible for them.

Low battery life can have various causes

In principle, Apple still promises 80 percent battery capacity even after 400 to 500 charge cycles. According to data from Chip The battery is the fastest and most susceptible to wear and tear. This applies not only to Apple manufacturers. Other brands, such as Samsung or Huawei, also specify a shelf life of two to three years for the batteries built into smartphones.

Basically, a quick loss of battery power Also due to other factors. iPhone users should not expose the device to extreme heat, as this can damage the battery. In addition, batteries work best between 30 and 70 percent. This means that the cell phone must not be completely empty or fully charged to 100 percent. If you want to replace the battery, you can always do so via the repair service.

Also for Android users There are some changes In terms of controlling battery life. (Mother)