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Use Vitamin D Against Hay Fever And Allergies - A Healing Practice

Use Vitamin D Against Hay Fever And Allergies – A Healing Practice

Does vitamin D help treat hay fever?

Can vitamin D be used against symptoms of hay fever and other allergies? Current studies suggest a relationship between vitamin D and allergic reactions, which also raises hopes for therapeutic applications.

Where does the body get vitamin D?

Several positive health effects are associated with vitamin D, for example in infectious and autoimmune diseases. Vitamin D appears to strengthen immune system function and reduce inflammatory reactions. Vitamin D also has positive effects on allergic reactions. So the researchers asked themselves what is the effect of vitamin D on hay fever and allergies.

How does the allergy arise?

The number of people with allergies is increasing all over the world. Allergies can have a powerful impact on health and drastically reduce the quality of life of affected people.

Allergies can trigger all kinds of unpleasant reactions in the body, such as breathing problems, coughing, rashes, and watery eyes, to name a few. In the event of an allergy, the human body reacts to an overreaction of the immune system to an already harmless allergen.

According to experts at the Robert Koch Institute (RKIIt is associated with a high loss in quality of life and causes higher direct and indirect costs of illness each year. In general, the number of people with allergies in countries with a Western lifestyle has risen sharply since the 1970s and finally stabilized at a high level. However, this does not apply to bronchial asthma. Here the hesitation continues to increase.

The link between vitamin D deficiency and allergies?

Researchers at the University of Mosul have determined whether there is a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and the severity of allergies a study Verification. For this purpose, 49 subjects aged 18 to 55 years were screened and the results compared with control group data.

Vitamin to prevent hay fever and allergies

The researchers report that the people participating in this study had different levels of vitamin D in their bodies. It also became apparent that people in the control group with higher vitamin D levels had less and less hay fever and other allergies.

Vitamin D improves treatment in children

He took care of children between the ages of five and twelve a study It looks at how good a so-called sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is, in which an allergen extract is applied under the tongue, and it works with and without vitamin D. Over five months of investigation, SLIT was able to achieve significant symptom relief.

If the children also took vitamin D, this was also associated with an improved effect of the treatment, and in addition, the participating adolescents often did not report nasal complaints and asthma symptoms.

Vitamin D to treat allergies?

In short, it can be said that people who suffer from vitamin D deficiency are more likely to have an allergic reaction. Additionally, the incision process with taking vitamin D was much more effective than having no additional vitamin D. The amount of vitamin D in the human body appears to correlate with the severity of the allergic reactions present. In further studies, treatment options for vitamin D intake for allergies must now be examined more closely. (Such as)

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