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USA: Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Gelsenkirchen

USA: Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Gelsenkirchen

Jimmy Kimmel. (archive image) Photo: AFP/KEVIN WINTER via Getty Images

The US primary election campaign is a big topic on late-night shows. Moderator Jimmy Kimmel picked up on Donald Trump's statement about Taylor Swift and talked about the German city.

The North Rhine-Westphalian city of Gelsenkirchen has featured on the well-known American nighttime show “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. Host Jimmy Kimmel picked up on a statement Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made on his show a few days ago.

She recently said she's better known than Taylor Swift and has a more loyal following than the singer, Kimmel said. Unlike Trump's rallies, Swift's tickets aren't free. People paid hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars to see them — not just in America, the moderator said.

“Maybe not even Gelsenkirchen”

He then addressed Trump directly: “How big is your popularity in Tokyo, in Singapore? How big is your popularity in Gelsenkirchen, Germany?” There, Swift will perform three evenings in July 2024 at the Weltins Arena, which can accommodate more than 62,000 spectators. “This despite the fact that no one has ever heard of Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Maybe not even that,” Kimmel joked.

The moderator added: If Swift asked her fans to blockade the US Capitol, they would have succeeded and now run the country. Trump's supporters stormed the Congressional building in January 2021. The former president had earlier incited his supporters during a speech and said the electoral victory was stolen from him through fraud.

American superstar Swift endorsed Democrat Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 presidential election and has since repeatedly urged her fans to vote. With Swift's appearance at the Super Bowl on February 12, Republicans fear the pop singer could use the event to campaign for Biden and his Democrats.