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Update: Aegean Airlines wants to score points with passengers wearing the new uniforms

Update: Aegean Airlines wants to score points with passengers wearing the new uniforms

The Greek airline is outfitting its employees with new work clothes. Aegean Airlines places great emphasis on comfort in its uniforms and hopes to improve the passenger experience.

Nearly 20 years after its founding, it is time for Aegean Airlines to refresh its brand identity. With the acquisition of the first Airbus A320 Neo in December 2019, the Greek airline not only introduced a new model of the aircraft, but also a new livery. Instead of gray and lots of white, the machines have since been decorated in strong shades of blue, which is carried over the entire vertical tail down to the fuselage.

In addition to the color, the logo of the country’s largest airline has also been significantly modified. Instead of two birds flying towards the sunset, two abstract birds are now visible. In addition to new deliveries from the Airbus order in 2018, several older aircraft have since been repainted.

New uniforms for the cockpit, cabin and ground crew

Aegean Airlines is now completing its new brand identity by introducing new uniforms for the cockpit, cabin and ground crew. The employees have been wearing new work clothes since this week. Created in collaboration with Greek fashion brand Zeus+Dione. The designer responsible is Marius Schwab.

Aegean Airlines says the new dresses are “inspired by the color palette of the Greek sky and sea.” Schwab is based on the relationship between ancient Greece and modern Greece. It is expected that the passenger experience will improve through the increased comfort provided by the new crew uniform.

Modern and colourful

Aegean Airlines’ new livery offers a wide range of options. This ranges from various jackets and suits to modern dresses and blouses. Everything can be combined with scarves. The cuts are sometimes modern and sometimes classic. Geometric asymmetry and contrasting linear accents complement the costumes. The colors are strong.

When it comes to makeup, Aegean works with Greek natural cosmetics manufacturer Korres. They are said to be long-lasting and provide the crew with a stylish look and comfort during flight.

You can see more photos of the new Aegean uniform in the gallery above. Clicking on the image opens the gallery in large format.