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Unofficial first photos and unofficial videos ›

Unofficial first photos and unofficial videos ›

Apple’s new MacBook Pro with a 14- and 16-inch screen will be available from Tuesday. A couple of days prior, there were no officially certified Apple reviews, but photos and videos appeared in various places showing a few more devices than during Apple’s polished presentation.

Apple itself also posted a photo of Tim Cook, which shows him sitting in front of his new MacBook Pro. The notebook looks relatively thick here, but that may have something to do with the new form factor. The new 14-inch MacBook Pro measures 1.55cm in height and is slightly thinner than the old 13-inch (1.56cm). With a 16-inch screen, the laptop is actually taller and measures 1.68cm when folded instead of 1.62cm.

The two images here are from Apple’s blog Mac rumors Keep track of. The details above come from a YouTube video that has since been deleted and details the new MagSafe connection. The comparison image below shows the new MacBook Pro 14 “next to Apple’s MacBook Pro 13”, and the extra screen space including the notch at the top shows up very well here.

Macbook Pro 2021 14

Below, you can watch the first video of the new MacBook Pro 14 unlocked from its case. Here, too, the revised form factor with the more massive sides of the device is clearly evident. Apple had to say goodbye to the slim bezels from the latest series in order to offer a much more comprehensive outdated set of connectivity options that many power users desire.

It’s no surprise that this prematurely available video of the new hardware series has disappeared from YouTube once again. Apple likes to organize its own product launches and we assume that the first reviews of officially approved products will be published tomorrow, Monday, before the sales launch on Tuesday.