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United States: Couple finds a pearl in a shell – Panorama

Finding foreign bodies in the diet is usually not one of the happiest experiences while eating. The famous fly in the ointment, even a cockroach, is disgusting, but in the least harmful. On the other hand, if you hide a ring in salmon roll and make a wedding proposal, you have to trust that this surprise will not upset your stomach or make a visit to the dentist. But there are also things that are a natural part of an ingredient. The cherry pits in a cherry are crumbling, for example, or the olive pits in the antifreeze tray. Consumption risk, you might say.

Like the New Jersey couple Maria and Michael Spressler, rarely do people get excited about stumbling something hard on their diet. At their favorite restaurant, “Lobster House” in Cape May, they ordered clams to quench their thirst. “I was in the twelfth shell,” said Michael Sprinkler TV channel KYW-TV. “When I put it on the fork, it was too heavy, but I didn’t think anything of it.” As he chewed, he realized there was something else in his mouth. Spressler at first thought the tooth was broken. But then it turned out to be a pearl with a diameter of almost nine millimeters.

The pearl is not yet valued, but as a natural pearl it can be worth thousands of dollars. Now it should become part of a piece of jewelry. One can only hope that one day the thought of hiding this in a surprise meal will not come to anyone. If someone bites a second time it is guaranteed.

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