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Ukrainian troops cross the Dnipro River

Ukrainian troops cross the Dnipro River

A soldier jumps from a boat on the banks of the Dnipro River, October 15, 2023. Photo: AP

The Ukrainian army has crossed the Dnipro River. Some villages have already been retaken.

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Some elite Ukrainian forces from the Ukrainian Marine Brigade have crossed the largest Ukrainian river, the Dnipro, north of Kiev, and have already retaken two villages. As reported by the Kyiv Post newspaper.

The strength of the forces and Kiev’s future plans for operations on the left bank of Ukraine’s largest water barrier remain unclear. According to a Russian channel on the Telegram application run by RybarZ, four amphibious assault teams from the Ukrainian Naval Brigade crossed the river. The whole thing is said to have happened near the riverside town of Pridnestrosk on the right bank, the Kyiv Post writes.

The Ukrainian Navy apparently encountered little resistance and was able to advance to the villages of Boyma and Pyshchanivka.

Fixed fighting near the river

According to Russian blogger Vladimir Rogov, the situation in these regions is stable. Both sides must fire on each other with artillery and mortars. Attack drones will also be used, the Kyiv Post reported.

The blogger further explained that Ukrainian reconnaissance units also landed on boats and were active in the villages of Krynok and on Kazatsky Island. Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) would have operated as raiding forces in these positions rather than as regular infantry forces. Rogov said it did not appear that Ukrainian forces intended to hold their positions. The Kyiv Post was unable to confirm this.

A major Ukrainian attack is unlikely

The city of Pridneprovsky, about 10 kilometers from the Ukrainian city of Kherson, was one of the few railway crossings on the Dnipro River. The strategically important railway bridge was blown up by retreating Russian forces in November 2022. However, its foundations could be used by Ukrainian forces trying to block the river again, the newspaper reported.

So far, the Kyiv Post has found no evidence that the Ukrainian military wants to use ferries or so-called assault bridges to expand the offensive on the Left Bank. Using ferries or assault bridges, the army could theoretically move tanks and other artillery and infantry to the other side.

Attacks north and south of Kherson

Ukrainian special operations forces operating in small boats began a series of raids and attacks across the river north and south of Kherson in May. In most cases, they withdrew before Russian reserve forces could respond, the Kyiv Post reported, citing Ukrainian military information. Ukrainian Regional Defense Infantry soldiers conducted foot patrols in the area in July and August.

The Russian army was largely unable to attack the Ukrainians. According to the report, the reason is Ukrainian long-range artillery. Russia has intensified its air strikes on Ukrainian patrols and suspected patrol sites in recent weeks.

Combat operations or just training?

There was no mention of hostilities in recent reports on Ukraine’s activities published by the Kiev-approved AFU StratCom Telegram channel. Instead, the channel reported on amphibious infantry. They are said to have trained in shooting in an unknown training area.

The 36th Marine Brigade posted photos and videos on its information channels. These showed that the unit participated in the fighting in the eastern sector around the villages of Obitny and Vodyani until the second half of September. The troops trained there only until mid-October.

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