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Uhde is conducting a feasibility study of green ammonia in Australia

Uhde is conducting a feasibility study of green ammonia in Australia

(Photo: Thyssenkrupp Uhde)

The study includes a detailed techno-economic analysis of the power-to-ammonia value chain using the RHAMFS methodology developed by Thyssenkrupp Uhde. The objective is to investigate the influence of various factors on the overall economic performance of a green ammonia plant To evaluate and analyze various scenarios to identify the optimal system concept. Chemical plant construction company Uhde will also provide technology, engineering and integration expertise for a green ammonia plant based on ammonia synthesis technology. This study will help the Han-Ho H2 Consortium progress through more economically and legally relevant phases.

“With our technologies, we are making an important contribution to the green transition,” said Thor Lohmann, Executive Director, Fertilizer & Methanol at ThyssenKrupp Uhde. We are taking an important step towards production.”

Daniel Kim, CEO of Arc Energy: “The consortium’s shared goal is to build a green energy supply chain that will export 1.8 million tonnes of green ammonia from Australia to Korea by 2030. We are pleased to be a proven partner with Thyssenkrupp Uhde, 90 years of experience and more than 130 organizations worldwide. We greatly appreciated Thyssenkrupp Uhde’s contribution during the conceptual phase of our Han-Ho H2 center and look forward to working more closely with the company during the feasibility study for our new project.”