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Australia is gearing up for bushfire season

Australia is gearing up for bushfire season

A plume of smoke has been hanging over parts of the Australian city of Sydney for days, causing a sharp rise in particulate matter. The background is to control bushfires aimed at protecting the city of millions from the worst events in the coming summer season.

Firefighters have burned thousands of hectares of vegetation in bushfire-hit areas in recent weeks, a spokesman for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) said today, broadcaster ABC reported.

Officials have warned about the wildfire season

Authorities in the Australian capital have previously warned of what could be the most violent bushfire season in the coming spring and summer since the devastating “black summer” of 2019/20.

During that time, weeks of forest fires destroyed twelve million hectares of land. WWF estimates that more than three billion animals have been killed or displaced.

The rain caused more grass growth

According to the Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC) forecast, very high temperatures and low rainfall are expected in the coming months – significantly increasing the risk of another disaster. Officials were asked to prepare and take countermeasures.

Over the past three years, heavy rains and floods have led to thick undergrowth and thick grass growing in large parts of the country, the Guardian recently wrote. Controlled burning of vegetation reduces fire risk.