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Two DJs play on Vulkan – now there is a risk of heavy fines

Two DJs play on Vulkan – now there is a risk of heavy fines

As a German and Dutch DJ played music in an unusual setting on Fuerteventura, the island became lively.

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The sky is blue, the sun hangs above the horizon, and attendees sway to the beat of electronic music: these scenes, which have spread on social media, are currently angering many islanders. Fuerteventura. The appearance of two women is a topic of local excitement because the two played on the Calderon Hondo volcano next to the bird reserve.

One of the musicians on the volcano: The local authorities are not enthusiastic at all.

One of the musicians on the volcano: The local authorities are not enthusiastic at all.Screenshot: x/ondaftv

Local media are talking about the “environmental attack in Calderon Hondo”, describing the performance of a Dutch and German artist last weekend as a “scandal” and expressing their anger at “the concert in which a large number of participants participated.” It was said that it was real delirium. Both the Fuerteventura island government and the municipality of La Oliva have now intervened.

The island's administration announced that the police are investigating the matter and that fine procedures are underway. He may be entitled to up to 200,000 euros because partying in the volcano could cause irreparable damage. Risks range from soil erosion to habitat destruction of rare species.

Fuerteventura wants to be a role model, the Hamburg woman stands up for herself

In theory, a much less severe punishment could be envisaged; According to the information, the fine limits start from 3,000 euros. But according to the German-language newspaper Fuerteventura News, the municipality of La Oliva has already announced that it wants to “set an example” through sanctions.

“We will not allow the image that you can do whatever you want in Fuerteventura to continue to spread,” the online magazine quoted the responsible environmental council as saying. “Our landscapes and protected areas are there to be enjoyed,” he said. “But with respect”

Attacked German DJ Nina Hepburn, who played at the Volcano with fellow Dutchman Sissy Carini, has now also spoken out. The woman from Hamburg told Fuerteventura News that there wasn't really any excitement around the volcano, just a few friends listening to the DJ live, which was a big difference.

“This is perfectly permissible because photography is permitted in public places,” Nina Hepburn wrote. “We only had two DJ speakers, and they were not loud and did not disturb nature in any way. We made it back down before it got dark. We didn't leave any trash behind. We did not disturb nature and this nature park is open to the public.

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