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TV Breakfast: The announcer makes a mess with a T-shirt

TV Breakfast: The announcer makes a mess with a T-shirt

Martina Reuter is one of the popular presenters of Sat.1 “Breakfast TV”. But it’s not just working in front of the TV camera that gives her so much pleasure – the Austrian is also very active on social media.

The 119,000 followers (as of July 4, 2023) follow the life of the 43-year-old via Instagram. She regularly posts pictures from her professional and private life there.

It was the same on Tuesday (July 4, 2023). The other day, she made a post showing her in a very special outfit.

In the photo, Reuter is wearing tight leggings in shiny metallic silver. She teamed this with a white T-shirt, and her hair was falling in a curl over her shoulders. So far, so good.

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However, upon closer inspection, a fan might feel suspicious upon seeing the top. Because it shows the head of a woman with a long, dark mane that is tantalizingly similar to Reuter’s. However, she does not provide any information as to whether it really was.

TV lady sitting on a sofa to take a photo. She has lips curled into a cautious smile and looks directly into the camera.

Many fans are excited about this post, commenting on it with hearts, heart smileys, and smoldering emojis.

In addition to her work on Sat.1 “Frühstücksfernsehen”, Reuter can be considered a fashion expert for the Austrian morning show “Guten Morgen Österreich”. She is also the director of the German Teleshopping Channel. In early 2023 she participated in the Austrian dance show “Dancing Stars”, but finished last there. (ra)