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Suitcase lost: designer Yannick Zamboni without clothes in Berlin

Suitcase lost: designer Yannick Zamboni without clothes in Berlin

where is my bag Visibly upset Yannick Zamboni at Berlin Brandenburg Willi Brandt Airport.


Yannick Zamboni has been in Berlin since this morning. The designer visits Fashion Week for three days. The problem: His bag got lost on a trip to the German capital.

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  • Yannick Zamboni visits Berlin Fashion Week this week.
  • The problem: his bag was lost.
  • Now the Swiss fashion designer is standing at the airport without clothes and without makeup.

Yannick Zamboni asks: “How can I go to Berlin Fashion Week without clothes?” Instagram.

The fashion designer flew from Basel to Berlin with the Swiss this morning, but his suitcase never landed in the German capital.

Three days in Berlin and a packed schedule: It makes sense that the 35-year-old Zamboni would be a little upset.

Yannick Zamboni: “Get creative and find clothes”

Zamboni remains in Berlin for the next three days. In his bag are not only his clothes and make-up, but also two collections for Vivian Plutzky, winner of “Best Model in Germany” 2023. “I will be with Vivian for the next couple of days.”

Zamboni wants to visit several shows at Berlin Fashion Week. He will also meet designers Killian Kerner and Esther Bierbandt, who like him were guest judges in the last GNTM season.

So far, the Swiss have not been able to tell Yannick Zamboni where his suitcase has gone and when it might arrive in Berlin.

Yannick Zamboni asks on Instagram
Yannick Zamboni asks on Instagram “How am I supposed to go to Berlin Fashion Week without clothes?”

Instagram screenshot

However, Basel’s fashion designer does not want to be defeated, but tells Blue News: “Now get creative and find clothes and make-up in a way.”

He knows some of the designers that this time were represented by shows at Berlin Fashion Week. “But I know how I am. Right before a show, you’re under a lot of pressure and you don’t want to have to organize clothes for a colleague whose bag hasn’t arrived.”

Airlines have to cover the expenses

In the event of loss of baggage, airlines are required to cover the costs. This is regulated in the Montreal Convention. However, compensation is limited to a maximum of $1,300.

But with goodwill, Switzerland is not always far away. it used to be The author of these lines Find out for yourself in fall 2022. The airline wanted to give him a flat rate when his suitcase ended up in Ibiza instead of London.

At the time, Switzerland denied non-compliance with applicable law. Fixed prices are guidelines. Business class passengers receive a refund of 200 francs and first class passengers 300 francs.

“On presentation of the relevant purchase receipts, we also provide our customers with further refunds in excess of these published indicative amounts, depending on the case,” the airline wrote.

The Swiss: “We would like to expand our goodwill.”

However, the Swiss website clearly states: “Maximum Economy Refund: $100”. The airline has pointed this out to me several times. just like The Observer magazine In my case I called the airline, they relented.

“After reviewing the individual case, we consider it appropriate to provide further facilities in the interest of our passengers. We would therefore like to extend our goodwill in this case and will contact the concerned customer.”

We can be curious as to how well the Swiss fit in Yannick Zamboni’s case.

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