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Türkiye: Because of the heat – empty tanks cause water shortages

Türkiye: Because of the heat – empty tanks cause water shortages


Istanbul is running out of water, and some reservoirs have dried up

The climate crisis encourages extreme weather – in Istanbul, too. Due to the constant heat, the level of many reservoirs in the area has dropped dramatically. This becomes a problem.


Grass is now growing where there was supposed to be water. Alibeyköy semi-dry reservoir not far from Istanbul.


  • In western Turkey, prolonged heat is increasingly causing water shortages.

  • This is especially evident in the low water levels in the reservoirs.

  • The authorities are currently trying “water management strategies”.

And while Switzerland is now in the chaos of storms, water is becoming scarce in western Türkiye. Because the homeland is moaning under one Severe heat waveThis causes tanks and other water reservoirs to dry out. is also affected Istanbul. This can be seen particularly starkly at Alibeyköy Reservoir, not far from the city. For example, the Guzelci Canal is completely devoid of water, and sheep walk between the arches. Likewise, in the Maglova-Kemeri channel, which belongs to the same reservoir, there is not much water left.

According to Bild, the lake’s filling rate is currently only 14 percent. The remaining nine reservoirs, which are essential to Istanbul’s water supply, account for a total of 31 percent. This year, the amount of water available is significantly lower than in previous years: while it was 518 cubic meters in 2022, it is now just 271 cubic meters – and has fallen by almost half. The Istanbul administration now wants to develop “water management strategies” to prevent possible water shortages.

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