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Tory Party Conference in Great Britain: Rishi Sunak vs Others

Tory Party Conference in Great Britain: Rishi Sunak vs Others

Modern government, that’s me: British prime minister prefers to trust his new look over the policies of his Tories.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak addresses the Tory party conference on October 4 Photo: Toby Melville / Reuters

Consumed, unimaginative, divisive, vain, distant, populist, power-hungry – the descriptions circulating for the ruling Conservatives in Great Britain are a clear indication that thirteen years in power and four Prime Ministers overthrown by their own people is enough.

A change of government in Great Britain in 2024 is widely expected, not least among the Conservatives, whose active politicians seem more focused on new jobs starting next year than on the unhappy business of governing.

Not so Rishi Sunak. The fifth Conservative prime minister, elected in 2022, appears fresh at the annual Conservative Party conference and looks like an eager young man whose best years are still ahead of him. All the Labor and Tory governments of the past thirty years have taken a lot of leadership to declare an era of stagnation and a time of change.

But it was a clever way for Sunak to distance himself from the disastrous style of governance of his predecessors and the unsavory actions of many of his current government colleagues, and not immediately cast the opposition in a good light.

Consolidating the sluggishness in his own camp and the opposition, Sunak has not made an easy hurdle for his main rival, Keir Starmer. He will easily promise more at the Labor conference in Liverpool next week, but the fact that Great Britain’s multicultural reality is more embodied by the leadership of the Tories than Labour’s misses one of the most important parts of the British left. An attack on the right wing.

The next British election campaign will be a battle for credibility. And the more he focuses on two bosses, the more open the race will be. For both of them, the biggest danger lies within their own teams. This Conservative Party conference also made it clear how great the danger is.