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Three people have died in police action in Australia

Two officers and a bystander have been shot dead by two gunmen in eastern Australia. Two more officers were injured in the firing.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • According to the police, the accused escaped.
  • The background is still unclear.

In a police operation Two officers and a bystander were shot dead in eastern Australia. In addition, police in the state of Queensland announced at a press conference on Monday evening (local time) that two emergency services were wounded by gunfire. Officers He had driven to a remote log cabin near Whymbilla, about 300 kilometers northwest of Brisbane, in connection with a missing persons case.

There they were under the control of two armed men Fire Queensland Police Chief Katarina Carroll said. The criminals are absconding. The background is still unclear. Australian media reported that officers were ambushed. The armed attackers were wearing camouflage. The slain civilian is believed to be a neighbor.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese expressed regret. “Horrible scenes in Wyampilla and a heartbreaking day for the families and friends of Queensland Police officers,” he wrote. Twitter.

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