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Thomas Gottschalk asks Helen Fisher if she is pregnant – her answer is disturbing

Thomas Gottschalk asks Helen Fisher if she is pregnant – her answer is disturbing

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Thomas Gottschalk was in a great mood when he said goodbye. “Wetten, dass…?” However, celebrity guest Helen Fisher had a different than expected reaction to the pregnancy joke.

Offenburg – Thomas Gottschalk (73 years old) actually directed the episode “Wetten,dass..?” 153 times – After the 154th edition on Saturday evening (November 25) it will finally end. The artist invited a number of stars to bid him farewell, including Queen of Pop Helen Fisher (39 years old). She made a noise with a sentence that was as short as it was unexpected.

The pregnancy quote in “Wetten, dass..?”: Thomas Gottschalk asks Helen Fisher

Helene Fischer previously performed her new version of “Atemlos durch die Nacht” live for the first time on “Wetten,dass..?” Along with rapper Sherine David (28 years old) – but she was not well received by some viewers. ZDF viewers also shook their ears a few minutes later when Thomas Gottschalk spoke to the pop singer about how difficult it is to maintain one’s privacy in the age of social media.

“You can also tell me you’re pregnant again if you want to,” the showrunner joked, referring to potential headliners and Helen Fisher’s recent “Wetten, dass..?” appearance, in which the 39-year-old appeared mildly annoyed. Clear. She was pregnant. Her answer to Gottschalk’s joke was as short as it was surprising: “No, everything’s fine now,” the chart-topper told her counterpart — a wording that seemed odd, after all, pregnancy is “good” too.

When Thomas Gottschalk made a pregnancy joke with Helen Fisher on Wetten,dass..?, the Queen of Pop responded with an unexpected © Screenshot/ZDF/ZDFmediathek/Wetten,dass..?

Thomas Gottschalk didn’t seem to notice: “Well, at least we know: Helen Fisher isn’t pregnant! Can we pass it on that way?” He asked the singer, who answered in the affirmative: “It’s very boring, but you can write.” A number of other scenes of the evening also caused a stir – and quite early on: Thomas Gottschalk’s Wetten “that..?” costume was widely discussed. Sources used: “Wetten, das..?” (ZDF, issue dated 25 November 2023)