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Thomas' ex-husband now works for Beatrice Egli

Thomas' ex-husband now works for Beatrice Egli

Seeing your ex with the new one? Hardly anyone wants to do that!

Neither is Anelia Janeva. The Bulgarian beauty was still in a relationship with Thomas Settle (39) until a few years ago. He is the current husband of Queen of Pop Helen Fisher (39 years old).

Both Janeva and Settle were part of the musician's team at the time. However, a bitter breakup followed: Thomas was said to have abandoned the redhead in favor of Helen Fisher. Oh!

Until then, Anelia Janeva was actively participating in the theatrical performances of the interpreter “Breathless”. She became the “makeup boss.”

It is not clear how long she was part of Helen Fisher's crew after Thomas's love affair ended. But one thing is certain: today the dancer is working in the Schlager competition!

Beatrice Egli (35) was recently honored with the “Schlagerchampions” award. I dedicated an Instagram post to this eventful evening. She also thanks her employees.

“And of course all of this is only possible because I have the best team ever by my side,” says the Schweitzer native enthusiastically. “Thank you all for being there so full of passion and emotion and for allowing us to enjoy this special moment together.”

Can you see it in the short video? Team Egli – including Anelia Janeva! The makeup artist cheers and blows air kisses towards the camera lens.

Anelia must be over her breakup with Thomas Settle by now. But at that time, the end of love was not easy at all for the beauty. After all, she and Thomas had been a couple for nine years and even got engaged.

In an interview with “Bounty” in 2019, informed sources revealed that “the world collapsed” for Anelia. Settle is also said to have kept quiet about his romantic relationship with his boss, Helen.

“When Thomas broke up with Annelia, he didn't tell her it was because of Helen. “After all, Anelia also works with her, and the two were friends,” revealed one of the dancer’s friends. Annelia was doubly disappointed after that, along with Thomas and Helen.

The latter two are now fathers. Daughter Nala was born at the end of 2021. A secret wedding is also said to have taken place. Before that, Helene Fischer worked with Florian Silbereisen for ten years.