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10 years after his departure: the star of the series In Allfriends celebrates his return

10 years after his departure: the star of the series In Allfriends celebrates his return

In Aller Friendship fans have had a long dry spell, having to miss the series for several weeks. Today there is a double episode – with interesting guest stars.

Annika Ernst was “Dr. Anne Welland.”

As is the case with ““Bergdoktor” Annika Ernst played a doctor, more precisely: hygienist Dr. Anne Wieland. In this role, she made life difficult for her colleagues at the Sachsenklinik for 14 episodes. Wieland later took over the practice of her father, Professor Dr. “. Richard Kapp, in “Ruhrgebiet.

In the current episode “In All Friendship”, Gangart can be seen as being sick. Regarding her appearance as Christine Scherber, the presenter says: “On the advice of her colleague and best friend Mona, events director Christine Scherber introduces herself at the Sachsenklinck Hospital. She believes that her symptoms are only temporary, but then she discovers that she is suffering from an illness.” The disease must be treated, and she keeps this secret from her friend Mona so as not to jeopardize an important professional mission.

Since season 14, Annika Ernst has appeared as Dr. Rüdiger can be seen in “Bergdoktor”. Before starting work, she compared her new doctor role to her previous role: “In In Aller Freunde, my role as a doctor was very special because I worked in the hygiene department. Dr. Rüdiger is a surgeon, I had to prepare it completely differently. But I really like that, as well as her character: she's really tough. The great thing about acting is that you feel like you can have a taste of so many different careers.”

“In All Friendship” usually airs Tuesdays at 9pm with the first episode. Each episode is available online for seven days and in the first episode for a year after broadcast. ARD media library available.