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This man gives Barbara Schonberger a solid backing

This man gives Barbara Schonberger a solid backing

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from: Volker Rennert

Barbara Schöneberger is an integral part of German television. However, she keeps her private life a secret. But in an interview, she cares about her husband in the highest tones.

MUNICH – Presenter Barbara Schönberger (49) is one of the most popular German TV presenters. No wonder: With her extroverted, humorous, and quick-witted manner, she manages – with a bit of self-mock – to make people laugh. As with Schöneberger on the television scene, things are different in terms of private life. But from time to time, her native Munich speaks out of the box, as in an interview when she made a declaration of love to her husband.

Barbara Schöneberger: The all-around talent keeps her family out of the public eye

Schöneberger’s comprehensive talent list is long: she directs various TV shows and gala events, has her own podcast, was a columnist for her own magazine from 2015 to 2023, she surfs occasionally and she’s also on the road musically. In addition to her many professional activities, the 49-year-old is one thing above all: an authentic wife and mother.

But the RTL presenter – who is torn by fans for her singing performance at Starnacht am Wörthersee – keeps her family completely out of the public eye. In an interview with Colorful She revealed: “Do you know the families of any sane people in Germany? No, that’s why I do it just like everyone else. That’s not all that exceptional.”

What is known is that Barbara Schoenberger has been married to IT entrepreneur Maxilian von Schierstädt since 2009. In 2018, Schoenberger revealed that she took her husband’s last name, but continued to appear in public with her birth name. Von Schierstädt came from a noble family in Upper Saxony. The couple have two children: a son born in 2010 and a daughter born in 2013.

Maximilian von Schierstädt has also been politically active since 2018. This year, for example, he was appointed to the advisory staff of Dorothy Barr (45), the former federal government commissioner for digitization. Since 2016 he has been CEO of familynet GmbH, which he also founded.

‘Still uncomfortable today’: Barbara Schonberger reads a fan’s love letter out loud

Occasional insights: Barbara Schöneberger occasionally shares private moments from her life on her podcast – also with guest speaker Anna Loos on the topic of “broken heart” and talking about a very uncomfortable situation for her.

Schönberger cares about her husband

From time to time, Schoenberger provides brief insights into her private life, such as in a conversation with pop singer Giovanni Zarrella (45) for her defunct magazine Barbara: “I think he’s perfect for the seam and that in turn represents that I love this guy to the bottom of my heart. Everything about him.” 2020 betrayed Colorful In addition toAnd How lucky she is with her family: “With my job, everything is great, but the meaning of my life is children.”

Barbara Schonberger left and right in TV appearances.
Barbara Schonberger has been married since 2009. However, her family keeps her out of the public eye as much as possible. © IMAGO / Future Image & IMAGO / Future Image

Schöneberger’s dream of owning her own farm for herself and her family has now come true. So the presenter bought a plot of land in Sweden, the size of which is 117 football fields. Sources used: Podcast “With women’s waffles”,