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These wildcard candidates are competing for a spot on Celebrity Big Brother.

These wildcard candidates are competing for a spot on Celebrity Big Brother.

The basics in a nutshell

The first participants in “Celebrity Big Brother” 2023 have been determined. But this year, for the first time, Big Brother is also awarding a wildcard chosen by the PBB community. During “Celebrity Big Brother – The PENNY Challenge”, fans can be there live and free on Joyn on November 7 at 7:30pm and then vote for their favorite candidate in the Joyn app. These creatives and reality personalities are desperate to move house. Which do you choose?

Cenko (@cenkgooo)

The 22-year-old Cinkgo really wants to get a wildcard for “Celebrity Big Brother” 2023 and win the 11th season. He announced that viewers can expect a lot of laughter when he participates. With the prize money of 100,000 euros, the creator plans to hold a big party with free alcoholic drinks for his guests.

Marco Cerullo (@marco_cerullo)

As a participant in several reality TV shows such as “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” , “The Bachelorette” and “Get Me Out,” Marco Cerullo has made a name for himself in the German television scene. His partner Christina Grasse is also participating in the suit challenge, but Marco confirms that he will not consider her. In the Celebrity Big Brother house, the Palatinate native wants to go all out and promises that he will use any means necessary to defeat his opponents.

Nikola Glumac (@nikola_glumac)

Nikola Glomac is already known to some viewers through his participation in the fourth season of the program “Temptation Island – Temptation in Paradise” with his ex-wife Gloria Glomac. In 2023, the two were also seen on the reality show ‘Eminently Separated – Villa Exes’. The 27-year-old says he is really happy to be in the wildcard group and says he will make the audience laugh a lot.

Christina Grass (@christina_grass)

Christina Grass, 35, describes Celebrity Big Brother as “not overdone” among reality TV shows, so she is keen to take part in the show this year. So far I have mainly participated in dating formats. In “Celebrity Big Brother” 2023, she wants to focus on her “character” and show that she can cope on her own. Viewers can expect a healthy mix of “chaos queen and princess” from Christina. The 35-year-old wants to fight hard against her rival and partner Marco Cerullo.

Matthias Hone (@matthiashhn)

On Tiktok, Matthias Höhn makes a lot of laughs with his comedy videos. In Celebrity Big Brother 2023, the 27-year-old wants to show viewers that there’s more to it than just comedy. With his frankness and honesty, Matthias wants to deal with confrontations between residents openly and promises the audience that he will also have deep conversations.

Sophie Reintjes (@sophodoph)

28-year-old Sophie Reintjes succinctly and succinctly describes what viewers can look forward to if she gets the suit: her temperament! She thinks Celebrity Big Brother 2023 is a “fantastic challenge” and “wants to win”.

In the “PENNY Challenge” Sophie managed to come in first place with Team Yellow, giving her an advantage in the wildcard vote. As a bonus, she will receive ten percent extra votes at the end and a trailer will also be shown on TV.

Lena Chiwiora (@lenaschiwiora)

Lena Schiwiora has been a fan of “Big Brother” from the beginning. In “Celebrity Big Brother” 2023, she finally wants to fulfill her dream and move in as a resident. She promises viewers pure entertainment and can’t wait to “bring the momentum into the store.”

Lena also managed to win the “PENNY Challenge” with Team Yellow and thus gained an advantage in the wildcard vote. In the end it received ten percent of its votes at the top and also a trailer on television.

Marco Stretcher (@itsofficialmarco)

On Tiktok and Instagram, Marco Schlitzer entertains his fans, among other things, with parodies of teachers and mothers. In his own words, “inelegant” and “completely nervous”, the 21-year-old reported in his video message that he wants to take on the challenge on Celebrity Big Brother 2023 and hopes to learn more about himself through the experience.

Louis Streich (@louisstreichh)

Louis Stritch was already in the fifth season of “Temptation Island – Temptation in Paradise”. In “Celebrity Big Brother” 2023 he wants to give viewers a “great time” and ensure absolute entertainment.

Lewis also won the “PENNY Challenge” with Team Yellow. This earned him an exclusive position in the wildcard vote. As a bonus, he eventually received ten percent extra votes and a special trailer on television.

Direct vote on Gwen

Here you can find out how you can vote for your favorite: Up Gwen In the Tuesday, November 7, 2023 at 7:30 pm, live and freeif it is in “Celebrity Big Brother – Penny Challenge” Wildcard candidates face different tasks. Then it starts Community voting in the Joyn app. You can then vote for your candidate via the app.