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The Vision Pro proves itself in action

The Vision Pro proves itself in action

One American company has developed a program that aims to make surgical assistants with Vision Pro much better employees. The idea has now been able to prove itself in the operating room during surgery in the UK. The surgical team was excited about the possibilities.

A game changer for surgical teams: Vision Pro

In order to carry out the operation successfully, you need a well-coordinated team. Surgical assistants play an important role, as they prepare and deliver instruments and materials and always keep an overview of all operations. A team at London's private Cromwell Hospital has now used the Apple Vision Pro headset to support surgical assistants through augmented reality.

The surgeon in charge, Syed Aftab, was in favor of the basic idea daily Mail A very clear comparison. This technology makes it possible to turn any team into a well-trained Formula 1 crew. “That's the idea – it doesn't matter if you've never paused in your life. Just put your headphones on.”
eXeX OP programThis is how eXeX showcases its surgical software, here on HoloLens

Virtual reality in the operating room

As Aftab continues, thanks to the combination of software and headsets, he can work with new surgical assistants as effectively as if they had been working together for years. Sophie Verho, chief operating room nurse, also called the technology “groundbreaking” and added: “It eliminates human error. It takes the guesswork out of it.” The software, originally developed for Microsoft's HoloLens by US company eXeX, provides important information about instruments and operations in the operating room, which are placed in the field of view using virtual displays. Moreover, every step of the process is automatically recorded by artificial intelligence. In the future, the company wants to use this data to compare with similar procedures performed by other surgeons.


  • The program improves the work of surgical assistants
  • Successful use of Vision Pro in the UK operating room
  • A team passionate about augmented reality
  • Assistants powered by Apple Headphones
  • New assistants work like “experienced employees”
  • Technology prevents human error
  • eXeX software provides real-time surgical information
  • Artificial intelligence automatically documents surgical steps

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