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The Swiss remain third behind Wales and have to tremble in the Round of 16

The Swiss remain third behind Wales and have to tremble in the Round of 16

The Swiss beat Turkey 3:1 after a deft performance and finished third in Group A. The chances of qualifying for the Round of 16 are good – but the results of the remaining groups are now decisive.

Since Wales only lost 1-0 in the parallel match against Italy, SFV’s selection behind the Euro 2016 semi-finals came due to a poor goal difference. However, Switzerland has a good chance of qualifying as one of the top four places in the group. for the round of 16.

The Swiss national team rehabilitated itself for the poor performance in the 3-0 draw against Italy on Wednesday. The winner of the match for Vladimir Petkovic’s side, which was heavily criticized in the lead-up to the match, were Xherdan Shaqiri, who scored 2-0 and 3-1, and Stephen Zuber. The Eintracht Frankfurt midfielder was new to the team on the left and scored all three goals. Seferovic’s goalkeeper scored 1-0 in the sixth minute.

Seferovic goalkeeper (right) gives Switzerland an early lead against Turkey.


Switzerland-Turkey 3:1 (2:0)

Baku Olympic Stadium. – 17,138 spectators. – SR Vincic (SLO). – rip: 6. Seferovic (Zobar) 1: 0.26 – Al Shugairi (Al Zubair) 2: 0.62. Kahveci (Calhanoglu) 2: 1. 68. Shukri (Al Zubair) 3: 1.

Switzerland: Somers. Elvedi, Akanji, Rodriguez; Widmer (92. Mbabu), Freuler, Xhaka, Zuber (85. Benito); Shaqiri (75. Vargas); Embolus (85. Mehmedi), Seferovic (75. Gavranovic).

Turkey: Shakir. Celik, Demiral, Soyunko, Mulder; Ayhan (64 yukos); Onder (80. Kerman), Tovan (64. Yazici), Kahveci (64. Kokjo), Kalhanoglu (86. Tokoz); Yilmaz.

Notes: 77 after the Xhaka shot. Warnings: 70. Calhanoglu (Error). 75. Selleck (wrong). 76- Soyunko (wrong). 78. Shaka (complaint).

Switzerland – Turkey: live indicator

Petkovic makes two changes against Turkey

For Kevin Mbabo, who started against Wales and Italy, Sylvain comes and destroys at right-back. Fabian Scherr should also make way. Stephen Zuber joins the team on his behalf. Zuber must play on the left flank, and Ricardo Rodriguez moves to the center of the defence.

Switzerland starting lineup against Turkey: Sumer. Elvedi, Akanji, Rodriguez; Widmer, Freuler, Xhaka, Zuber; Shakiri. Ambolo, Seferovic.