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The Second “Bachelorette” Peter Kogan loves Valentina Doronina

They are already bloated about Onlyfans

‘Bachelorette’ Peter loves scandal star

In “The Bachelorette” Peter Coogan narrowly missed the victory. However, it worked out with love – even if there were already problems with the first relationship with his new girlfriend.

Just a month after the finale of ‘The Bachelor’, muscle man Peter Coogan (24) is in new love. In the past few days he has repeatedly appeared alongside controversial German TV candidate Valentina Doronina (22 years old). The two now confirm an opposite look: “Yes, we’re a couple.”

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How did you meet? The couple declined to comment on this. It is rumored that it happened during the filming of the second season of the “Reality Shore” scandal show. While the second “Bachelor” avoids questions, 3+ doesn’t want to comment.