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Dieter Bohlen fakes the luxurious life in Mallorca

In fact, he lives more modestly

Dieter Bohlen shows fake property on Instagram

Dieter Bohlen certainly has enough money to buy a villa with a pool. He lives in Mallorca much more modestly than it appears on his social media.

Dieter Bohlen, 68, doesn’t seem to live in Mallorca as he pretends to be on social media: presenter Frauk Ludwig, 58, visited the Spanish island music producer for an interview with RTL Exclusive. Bohlen welcomed her in a luxurious villa with a large garden and swimming pool. Now it turns out that the property does not belong to him: the interview was filmed on the property of a real estate agent.

Dieter Bohlen and Karina Walz pretend to live in luxury in Mallorca

According to a report by Bild, not only was the TV interview filmed, but a great deal of content on social media was filmed in a strange house. It appears that Dieter Bohlen and his girlfriend Karina Walz (38 years old) live there from time to time to allow their fans to participate in the luxurious lifestyle. In the “DSDS” return interview, it was said how much the couple enjoyed a break from “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in their home.

In fact, Bohlen does not own a villa in Mallorca, he lives more modestly. According to the German newspaper, he lives in an apartment building in a village southwest of the island. The cost of an apartment of 90 square meters and a music producer is about 700,000 euros. Bohlen was also able to provide a pool for the villa: the fortune of the cult producer is estimated at 135 million euros. However, he seems to prefer to stay in other people’s homes.

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You learn to save from the rich

As a friend reported, Dieter Bohlen uses his contacts in Mallorca to acquire the property. Everyone on the island knows him. The insider also says why the “DSDS” returnee may not be able to buy a villa in the future. On the one hand he is a bargain hunter, and on the other hand he enjoys deceiving people.