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The referee sends the handball player with a deformity off the field

The referee sends the handball player with a deformity off the field

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Handball falls to the gate. © Frank Molter/dpa/icon image

Leah Holstein has always remembered handball as a part of her life. As a goalkeeper, she wears an orthosis – the Hesse Handball Association suddenly bans her from playing. Here you can read more about it:

Schenklingsfield – Lea Holstein discovered her love for handball at the age of five. Her left hand doesn’t particularly hinder her, and Leah Holstein makes the best use of the situation. “I can’t catch or throw it, but I can defend it,” she explains. The 22-year-old was born without a finger bone on his left hand. The handball player wears an orthosis to protect her hand while playing. This was suddenly banned by the Hesse Handball Association (HHV). reveals what the association says about the ban.

Everything ran smoothly. Until June 5, 2022, the last game of the season. “It was a match like any other, we warmed up together. Then we came in,” recalls the 22-year-old. But instead of starting the match as usual, the referee approached Holstein and asked her about her left hand, which she wears the orthosis on. He explains. The goalkeeper stopped, but instead of starting the game, Holstein was sent off. “He said I couldn’t play as long as I had the orthosis,” the 22-year-old recalled, adding: “It was the most special moment of my life.”