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The police are now investigating the parents of the missing Emil (2)

The police are now investigating the parents of the missing Emil (2)

Two-year-old Emile has been missing since July 8. The boy disappeared without a trace from his ancestral garden in Le Vernet, in southern France.

However, the authorities continue to search – also inside the family. The attitude of the two-year-old’s parents raised suspicions among investigators. Father Columban S. is now being examined. and mother, Mary S.

The father of 26-year-old Emile is a former member of the ultra-nationalist group Action Française. He was also sometimes active in the far-right political organization Bastion Social, as the regional newspaper La Dipeche learned.

He is also a member of the traditionalist and far-right Catholic organization “Chrétienté-Solidarité”. Emile’s grandfather manages the finances and treasury of this organization.

Because of an alleged attack on people of immigrant background, the boy’s father appeared in criminal court in 2018. He was acquitted.

He himself helped find Emil. One volunteer told La Dépêche: “He was very authoritarian and quick to speak out to berate people he felt didn’t have the right attitude. It shocked everyone a bit.”

Marie, missing Emil’s mother, is religious, as reported by BFMTV. I grew up in a catholic family. After the disappearance of her son, she organized a meeting at La Bouilladisse to pray to “the Venerable Sister Benoîte Rencurel”. A mass was held for the two-year-old girl on Saturday evening.

The prosecution currently has no evidence of any possible link between the father’s past and Emile’s disappearance.

On Wednesday, the French army halted its intense search for the boy. Meanwhile, suspicions also arose that Émile might have fallen into a reaper.