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The NFL is planning an international game in Australia

The NFL is planning an international game in Australia

Will the NFL get its next international game? According to a report, regular season games could be held in Australia as early as 2025. In the end the home team was already decided.

Germany, England, Mexico, Brazil, Spain – and Australia soon? According to the news portal “9 News”, the NFL is planning an international game in Australia.

The first NFL game “down under” could be as early as 2025 – but the first Australia game should take place in 2026.

The NFL has already held discussions with the City of Melbourne. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is considered as a possible venue. The stadium has a capacity of over 100,000 and is used for various sporting events (cricket, Australian rules football and soccer).

Although much remains to be clarified organizationally, the designated home team has already been determined: the Los Angeles Rams.

The Californians remain the sole franchise with international marketing rights in Australia from 2021. Rams president Kevin DeMoff has already talked about the possibility of playing in Australia in 2022: “If the NFL ever decides to play a regular-season game there, we'll be the first to raise our hand.”

Five more games will be played outside the United States next season. In addition to the “Munich Game” between the Panthers and Giants at Allianz Arena, three games will be played in London and one in Sao Paulo.

However, in 2025, the NFL will visit Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu for the first time.