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Golden Lion for Australia – ttt – Title, Theses, Attitude – ARD

Golden Lion for Australia – ttt – Title, Theses, Attitude – ARD

Broadcast date Sun., 04/21/24 | 11:25 pm First

This will be the second time a First Nations Indigenous Peoples has represented Australia and held a solo exhibition at the Biennale. Archie Moore won the Golden Lion Award for Best Pavilion. His topic is Australia's colonial history – including systemic racism. He is of Aboriginal descent on his mother's side and Scottish descent on his father's side.

A family tree with 2,400 generations

Why is it important to him to create a memorial to the lives lost by First Nations people? “They're not seen enough in Australia yet. I want to raise awareness of this with an international audience. An international arena. I don't know how much is known internationally about domestic issues.”

He makes himself the starting point for a family tree that spans 2,400 generations and goes back 65,000 years. He spent nearly two months painting with chalk. “I'm trying to find my place in this world. I want to show that we're all connected. If we go back 3000 years, we all have the same ancestors. And we should treat each other with respect. And feel peace. A world like, 'This is the will of our ancestors.'

No one should be forgotten

Also in the pavilion are 500 layers of documents containing forensic investigations of Australian Aboriginal people who died in police custody. No one should be forgotten.

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