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The new smart home accessories from IKEA are available for €9.99

The new smart home accessories from IKEA are available for €9.99

Motion and window sensor for IKEA Dirigera center

Last November, IKEA introduced three new smart home products: a contact sensor for windows and doors, a motion detector, and a water sensor. While the water sensor is not scheduled to appear until April as announced, the other two smart home devices can be ordered immediately and at the specified time from the IKEA online store and purchased in furniture stores.

The door and window sensor is called Parasoll and costs a surprisingly cheap €9.99 (To the store). It's the usual principle: the actual sensor works with a small magnet, and can therefore detect when a door or window is opened. Where and how you mount the sensor is of course up to your creativity, as even the lighting in a wardrobe can be automated in this way.

However, a AAA battery is required and also an Ikea Dirigera Hub. There you can create the desired automations and tell the contact sensor of the smart bulbs in your Ikea system which to turn on and off as soon as the status changes.

Ikea Vallhorn also works without the Dirigera Hub

You don't necessarily have to rely on a hub with the new Vallhorn motion detector, which also costs only €9.99 (To the store) Costs. Thanks to ZigBee technology, it can also be linked directly to up to ten lights, which then turn on for one or five minutes when motion is detected.

More functions and more precise settings are possible after pairing with the Dirigera Hub via the Ikea Smart Home app. The Vallhorn motion sensor is powered by two AAA batteries.