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Links are saved: Facebook tracks what you click on

Links are saved: Facebook tracks what you click on

The Facebook app gets your 'link history'.


“Link History” is the latest method used by Facebook to track your online activities.

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  • Your new Facebook link history shows the links you've accessed.
  • The Meta Operator also wants to use this data for advertising purposes.
  • Of course, tracking user activity is nothing new on Facebook.

The Facebook and Instagram Meta operator has introduced a new “feature”. “Never lose a link again” is the promise of Link History. An overview of the external links you have accessed is displayed in the social media app for thirty days.

Meta wrote that it will also use this data for advertising purposes. The function will be gradually available worldwide, such as Gizmodo. mentioned. Users can then choose whether or not to activate the link history for them; This should be the case by default.

Persecution is nothing new

Meta already tracks the links users access in their apps. Using cookies and so-called tracking pixels, Meta often knew what you were doing on third-party websites and was able to show you specially targeted ads.

Therefore, the introduction of visual link history in the first place should help Meta achieve greater legal certainty, as users are now explicitly required to obtain their consent. As is known, Meta's previous data collection practices often led to problems with supervisory authorities.