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from: David Fry

In the 2022 Formula 1 season, new helmet cameras have provided stunning footage from the cockpit for the first time. Fans can be happy: this year the service will be expanded.

Ronco Scrivia – News that will make many F1 fans happy!

According to Racing Force Group, which provides helmet cams that were already used last year, the Formula 1 We have reached an agreement to allow the use of helmet technology in the new season.

Known as the “driver’s eye,” the tiny camera is just 8 millimeters in diameter, weighs just 1.43 grams, and is attached to the inside of the helmet at driver’s eye height.

Formula 1: Helmet cameras will be used by every driver in 2023

The recordings impressively convey to the viewer the pressure a Formula 1 driver is under during a race, showing, for example, the rapid sequence in which he has to change his focus in successive bends and the jerks that the car and its passengers are subjected to.

A look through the eyes of Charles Leclerc. The miniature camera inside the helmet impressively conveys the thrill of speed through the narrow streets of Monaco. © Screenshot Format

While this technology was only used by select drivers in every race weekend last year, it will now be used by all pilots and helmet manufacturers. Motorsports fans can soon look forward to amazing visuals.

The start of the 2023 Formula 1 season will take place in the first weekend of March. The Bahrain Grand Prix will kick off in Sacher at 4pm German time on Sunday (March 5th). Then Nico Hulkenberg celebrated his return as a regular driver at Haas. Team leader Günther Steiner recently revealed the requirementswhich he introduces to his new pilot.