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The new Anna-Haller-Platz in Biel was opened

The new Anna-Haller-Platz in Biel was opened

As the city of Biel announces, a new square has been created at the Pavillonweg-Alpenstrasse intersection in the Beaumont district, which was opened on March 7, 2024.

Biel city. – Corner stone

The local council had already decided in November 2022, subject to the city council's approval of the loan to design the square, to name the new square “Anna-Haller-Platz.”

Anna Haller was an important craftsman and painter who lived and worked in Biel from 1883 to 1916.

She was the first woman to graduate from the Piller Technikum (Department of Arts and Crafts) in 1898, where she was also the first female teacher to teach from 1899 to 1917.

In 1901 she created the leather covers for the seats of the Council of States in the National Council Hall of the Federal Palace.

The Pavillonweg-Alpenstrasse intersection has been redesigned

She then ran an arts and crafts studio in an old factory building in Sevorstadt with another Biel craftswoman, Selma Röhn, who later worked primarily as a ceramicist.

The Pavillonweg-Alpenstrasse intersection has been completely redesigned.

The existing traffic island has been extended towards the adjacent gymnasium to the south to form a meeting area, which has been signposted accordingly.

The sidewalk on Alpenstrasse was extended to the stairs of the Collège des Alpes.

Pedestrian safety is increased

In addition, the meeting area extends beyond the school building entrance to ensure better student safety.

Existing pedestrian crossings have been removed and the bus station lane has been narrowed so that overtaking is no longer possible.

This greatly increases pedestrian safety.

The “Alpenstrasse” bus station was rebuilt in accordance with the requirements of the Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Act.

The remodeling costs 500,000 francs

There is now a new bus waiting hall for bus passengers heading to the city centre. The green, tree-filled area on the south side of the square invites you to linger.

Construction work to redesign the arena continued from August to December 2023. Decorating work will follow in June 2024.

The overall redesign costs approximately 500,000 francs, of which 300,000 francs were covered by contributions from the federal and cantonal cluster programme.

The new tags will have a QR code on them

The opening of Anna-Haller-Platz will also be used as an opportunity to adapt banners in streets and squares bearing women's names.

In order to better convey the work of women, the new signs will contain a QR code that those interested can use to find more detailed information about the women's lives and work.