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The last day of the Paralympics - two Swiss medals in the marathon: a hug gold, a silver for Char - sport

The last day of the Paralympics – two Swiss medals in the marathon: a hug gold, a silver for Char – sport

  • Marcel Haug won the gold medal in the T54 marathon class at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.
  • For wheelchair athletes, it is the 4th Gold Award for these games.
  • In the women’s class, Manuela Scheer took the silver after a tight final race.

At 40 km, he opened his magnificent final race: Marcel Haug irresistibly walked away from fellow runaway Yong Zhang and drove alone on the last lap of the track at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. With a winning time of 1:24.02 hours, he took 20 seconds off the Chinese silver medalist at the finish.

The exhilaration was limited after the 35-year-old crossed the finish line, exhaustion seemed to prevail. Once again, Hug took a great deal of power to secure his fourth gold medal in the latest event for wheelchair athletes. He had previously been victorious over 800 AD, 1500 AD and 5000 AD.

Hugs captivate despite leadership work

Hug and Zhang broke up early and quickly won two minutes and more during the rest of the competition. Zhang was mostly able to recover in the Hug’s stream, but he was still unable to fight back in the latter part of the way against the strong Swiss.

Hug reported major physical problems: the rubber for his drive tire came off on one side during competition, and one of his gloves suffered badly. “I had to make sure that somehow I would be able to get into the field. I have no idea how that was possible,” he analyzed at the end. Bronze medalist Daniel Romanchuk of the USA lost over 5 minutes at Hug.

Cher with the 14th medal for Switzerland

In the women’s category, Manuela Scherr won her fifth precious metal in Tokyo with the silver. In the last few meters on the field, the 36-year-old managed to close the gap to eventual winner Madison Rosario, but had to concede defeat to the Australian by just under a second in the final race.

With 1:38.12 hours, Cher is four seconds clear of third-placed (NED) Nikita Boyer. Patricia Eichs of Zurich narrowly missed her diploma in ninth place with best personal (1:47.06h).

Medals from Haug and Char No. 13 and 14 for the Swiss delegation. Scheer contributed two gold medals (400m and 800m) and three silver medals (1500m, 5000m, marathon).


Cheers despite the missing ending

Manuel Scheer at the end.