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The Greens in Germany - Burbock runs for the Greens chancellery - news

The Greens in Germany – Burbock runs for the Greens chancellery – news

SRF News: Why does Green Annalena Baerbock prefer Robert Habeck?

Peter Fuegele: The Greens have two equal personalities to choose from, who are roughly equal in opinion polls. But the Greens always have a woman on the top of their list, they see themselves as a feminist party. Therefore it was not possible to transfer the base to rely on Habeck in this initial case. There is also a difference between the two: BurBook better mobilizes the party base. But Habic might have had the advantage of having more charisma outside of the norm.

The CDU and CSU are fighting over chancellor candidates Armin Laschet or Marcus Söder. How much benefit vegetables from it?

If you look at the polls, the union itself is taking advantage of its dispute: it goes up in the polls from 27 to 31 percent. But I think this is due to the interest this argument generates. He will harm her, while the Greens will benefit from the fact that they are solving the issue of the advisor in private, not like the union in secret.

Do the Greens Really Have a Chance to Hire the Next Chancellor?

For now, it’s unlikely that you will become a consultant. But this is not impossible, and at the moment the Union is doing its best to increase the chances of the Greens. On the other hand, Greens are very smart. This morning Burbuk promised everything that could be promised. Daycare centers have got to be the prettiest place. The country should become more digital. As their daughters get older, climate protection should take effect. There must also be a future for industrial workers. She also transcribed Barack Obama’s speech when she said:

“Democracy survives from change. Yes, I have never been a chancellor or a minister. I stand for the renewal. Others are defending the status quo. “

She removes the wind from the accusation that she has no experience in government offices. Obama, too, was a senator for a relatively short period of time when he ran for president. So: The Greens have also learned a lot, tactically.