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The first specifications of the new full-frame camera have emerged

The first specifications of the new full-frame camera have emerged

A lot is likely to happen at Panasonic over the next few months. The S1 series in particular expects (hopefully) new models.

The Panasonic S1 II is said to have 34 megapixels

According to so far Unconfirmed rumours Panasonic is not only working on a successor to the S1R, but also a “regular” S1. The potential specifications of the Panasonic S1 II look promising.

The new camera is said to be equipped with a high-resolution 34-megapixel sensor housed in a slim, sealed magnesium casing. That would be a nice but quite contemporary jump compared to the 24MP Panasonic S1. The built-in fan is designed to prevent overheating up to 50°C. The built-in ND filter looks practical, too.

6K videos at up to 120 fps?

Panasonic seems to be going all out when it comes to video equipment: according to rumours, the S1 II should be able to record movies at up to 6K at 120 fps, and in 4K even 120 fps without cropping is supposedly possible. Image stabilization, autofocus performance thanks to the new AI chip, and battery life are also said to be improved compared to the previous model.

The new camera also promises to make progress in terms of dynamic range for photos and videos as well as low-light performance. The promising system's camera is said to be priced at around $3,000, so perhaps around €3,000 for buyers in this country.

The Panasonic S1R II is also on the way

In the next few months, we should find out more about the S1 II – if it even exists, as Panasonic hasn't said anything about it yet. With the S1R II, I'm even more certain of that given the recent leaks. This will likely be revealed in the spring and will bring the same 60MP sensor as the next Leica system camera. The truth is that Panasonic's product portfolio is in desperate need of a change once again.

Based on these rumours, are you more excited for the S1 II or S1R II?