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The first basketball match in history in 1892 ended with a score of 1-0

The first basketball match in history in 1892 ended with a score of 1-0

NBA star LeBron James dunks the ball into the basket.Photo: AP

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January 20, 1892: The first basketball game ever was held in the United States of America. Guru James Naismith invents the game for everyone who finds American football too brutal. We wish you a Merry Christmas with 10 great basketball videos.

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1:0. A football score does not happen in basketball. Or rather: nothing more. Because it's like yourself On January 20, 1892 When two teams face each other in a basketball game for the first time in Springfield, Massachusetts, the matchup ends with exactly this score: 1-0.

Physician and educator James Naismith developed the sport because he found the indoor version of American football a bit difficult, and the games often got out of hand. Basketball, according to Naismith's vision, should be a somewhat disembodied activity.

James Naismith Wikipedia

Statue of inventor Naismith in the Basketball Hall of Fame.picture: Wikipedia

Seal of the inventor

Over the years the rules have changed, for example, dribbling, which was initially prohibited, is permitted. This is how a sport develops that is often amazing to watch and hugely popular, especially in the United States of America.

Inventor James Naismith has been honored several times for his work. The Basketball Hall of Fame was named after him, his likeness appeared on a postage stamp and the best college player of the season could look forward to the “Naismith Player of the Year Award.”

Springfield's first basketball hoop

The first basket in which balls were planted was at Springfield College in Massachusetts.picture: Wikipedia

happy birthday!

Yay, the sport of basketball is 132 years old today! What do we benefit from it? Some of the best basketball videos on YouTube.

Dream Team 1992

The US Dream Team at the 1992 Olympics is still considered the best team ever. This was her best moment in YouTube/Littlepersians

Disciplining the King: The Final Blow

Alley op

Catching the ball in the air and putting it straight into the basket: Alley Oop is an absolutely amazing way to score YouTube/NBArtv

Bell beater

At the last minute: the so-called bell beaters. If the ball is in the air at the end of playing time, any basket still YouTube/NBA

The best there ever was

Michael Jordan dominated the sport like no other before or since. These are the 50 best Air Jordan YouTube/m2e1iriko

The coolest thing ever

Shaquille O'Neal was not only one of the best basketball players of all time, but he was also incredibly funny and YouTube/PlayersTV

The smallest one that ever existed

Muggsy Bogues – At 1.60 metres, he is the shortest NBA player ever and proof that you can be a top basketball player even if you can't drink from the YouTube/TheNBAHistory

The first Swiss in the NBA

Thabo Sefolosha played in the NBA for Chicago, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Utah and Houston between 2006 and 2020. In 2012 he reached the finals with the OKC YouTube/Tobias Fickett

The general mood in Europe…

The sister of American basketball player Charles Jenkins is amazed: she cannot believe how noisy the hall in Belgrade was during the Euroleague match between Red Star and Galatasaray. A first-class feast for the eyes!video: YouTube/Sports 3

No alley, just oooops!

When do we enjoy basketball most? Right: When we see that people in the NBA are sometimes no better than we are on the court at halftime. No alley, just YouTube/Kush Report

Bonus update

A colleague suggested adding a video by Spud Webb to this list. I admit: I didn't know his name. So head over to YouTube – and you should see what I found there too!


Spud Webb was only 1.70 meters tall, but he had tremendous jumping ability. Thanks to this, he even won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1986. He played 814 matches in which he collected 8072 YouTube/tk

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In the Unforgotten series, we take a look back at a major event in sporting history on its anniversary: ​​whether it's a standout performance, poignant drama or a funny anecdote – it's all there.

The best scorers in the NBA in history


The best scorers in the NBA in history

Rank 29: – Charles Barkley (Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets): 23,757 points. As of: 10/26/23.

Source: AP New York/David J. Philip

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