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The “7 vs. Wild” participant reaches the limit after 24 hours in the wild

The “7 vs. Wild” participant reaches the limit after 24 hours in the wild

Knosi and Sasha Huber form one of the seven teams in the third season of the reality TV show, which can currently only be watched on Amazon Freevee (Germany). Screenshot: FreeFi

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It was the beginning of the third season of the series “7 vs. Wild” on Amazon Freevee on October 31 was hit by technical issues. After all, things continued smoothly from episode two onwards. The candidates had to face initial difficulties. One participant reached his limits after only 24 hours.

The setting for season three is the prairies of Canada. Seven teams of two try to survive in nature for 14 days. In the third episode, the candidates had to survive the first night – and had to deal directly with wild animals.

Knosi and Sasha: The wolf causes panic

Sasha Hopper and Nosy were in turmoil. A few hours after their arrival, they encountered a wolf while hunting. Head straight to her sleeping place. “Sasha, we really have to be careful. “That’s a fucking wolf, not a German shepherd.”Knosi said excitedly.

However, when we got to the sleeping area, everything seemed fine. Just to drive the wolf away, they roared around them. Knusi also urinated near her camp in hopes of scaring away the wolves. Sasha doubted whether this was a good idea. “Maybe it was really stupid to do that. Maybe we made a mistake.” Sasha warned. In fact, there is no scientific evidence that the smell of human urine attracts or repels wolves, the makers of “7 vs. Wild” said.

“7 vs. Wild”: Candidates show themselves naked

Before they go to bed, call them with an exciting update. They were naked in their sleeping bags, and Sasha had a knife and spray on hand. But they felt safe. They both survived the night unscathed and without incident. After a gym session, we went naked into the ice water, into which Sasha immediately urinated – much to Knosi’s horror. “Are you stupid?” He shouted at his partner.

They were not the only ones to encounter wolves. Anne Katherine Bendiksen and Hannah Aseel also spotted a coyote a few meters from where they were sleeping. So far, Matten and Fritz Meinecke have not only had the pleasure of seeing wolf tracks in the sand, but it has also increased their heart rates.

Rumathra reaches his limits

While the first had already found the ideal areas for shelter, others initially decided to choose temporary sleeping quarters. Joey Kelly and Jan spent the first night on the beach, as did Rumathra and Trimax, but they were already high up on the logs. However, the first 24 hours pushed Rumathra to the limits. The first conclusion was: “The first day was very successful.” But the next morning, things looked different for Rumathra.

The first doubts appeared in his mind. “I think it’s really crazy, I have to say. How little energy I have without food,” he admitted resignedly. “We haven’t been here for twenty-four hours. We’ve just arrived there. I can’t believe it,” said Trimax, very surprised. Will Romathra be cut off? At least it hasn’t been far yet..

“7 vs. Wild” Season 3

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