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That’s why your cat always lies down where you are

That’s why your cat always lies down where you are

Little cat on the sofa
Photo: Dermz (avatar)

He’s gone, space is gone! This seems to be Mizzi’s motto. Because as soon as you step into the bathroom or kitchen for a moment, your plush paw feels right where you were just sitting. There are thousands of other seats available in your apartment. But for Mizzy it’s clear: your place is the most comfortable in the whole world. And that exact spot is now her place for the rest of the day.

Little tigers are great animal companions. They are lovable, charming, funny, diva-like, cheeky and stubborn. Although they like to go their own way, velvet claws are very social animals that can build a strong bond with their two-legged friends. So, when Mizzy sits in your seat, it shows her deep connection and knowledge to you, she wants to be close to her human.

But in addition to this social aspect, there are other reasons why a small house cat can instantly take over your empty seat and become a four-legged “okobado” (occupier).

Photo: Hanaoka (avatar)

Kitty loves warmth

Velvety paws love it when they are warm and cuddly. They like to let the sun shine on their fur and are adept at finding comfortable places. That’s why they like to sleep with you in bed or seek out your body heat.

When you wake up, Mizzy grabs the spot you’ve warmed and curls up and purrs. Some velvet paws are particularly clever and absorb as much of your body heat as possible by hugging you to your side or behind you and pushing you away little by little. According to the slogan: Two-legged hot water bottle has done your job – now go!

Best view of baby tiger

Domestic cats love it when they monitor their surroundings and thus their territory. This way you can detect any enemies or changes directly. If your seat offers the best view, Miezi should clearly occupy that spot. Whatever the cost.

Kitty loves the smell of you

Even if you’ve been sitting in your home office for days without showering, and now you smell like a skunk. -Your little animal roommate still won’t turn his back on his sweet, furry friend. Because he doesn’t care about your smell.

And so Miezi takes over your sofa or office chair because it smells pleasant and familiar to your furry friend (despite your potential smell like a skunk). Because your velvety paw associates security and security with your scent.

Instagram channel”com. thesecretofcats“He explains, among other things, that furry friends have 200 odor receptors through which they communicate.

Your velvety paw shows its dominance

“Your seat?—How do you get to the narrow board?” Your little tiger only knows one life wisdom: “What is yours is mine too.” So he sits on your chair to demonstrate exactly that, to mark his territory and to show you which cat in the house he is.

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This is what you can do against the furry-nosed Ocupado.

Grab your cat and take him somewhere else. Place them in their basket, on their cat tree, or on their blanket. Of course, your cat does not like this at all, so be careful so that he does not extend his claws and clearly show his protest to you.

Simply trick the mischievously smiling little tiger by carefully pushing aside the chair he is occupying and getting a new chair. It won’t be long before your roommate comes over to cuddle. A very diplomatic solution.

But you can also pay with the same currency and click on the chair with Miezi. However, this is only possible if the seat is wide enough. Because velvet paws know exactly how to make themselves as wide as possible, so you initially only have a few millimeters of seating space available for this strategy.

So you can see that you definitely have aces up your sleeve to regain your seat. Whatever the case, don’t be annoyed by your four-legged, furry-nosed thieving roommate, take his behavior as a compliment. Because this is how your cat shows you how much she appreciates you and considers you part of her family.