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That’s why Google and Nvidia are expressing their concerns

That’s why Google and Nvidia are expressing their concerns

from Claus Ludwig
After a good year of announcing the intent to take over Activision Blizzard, there are new concerns about Microsoft’s plans. So far Google and Nvidia have doubts.

It’s been more than a year since Microsoft publicly announced its intention to buy Activision Blizzard. The Xbox manufacturer wants to acquire the publisher studios and developers behind Call of Duty for approximately $70 billion. However, the acquisition still has to be approved by various authorities. Recently, for example, the competent authority in Great Britain asked for more time to think about the matter and the US Federal Trade Commission announced that it was considering legal action. Report now Google and Nvidia are two tech companies that have concerns As reported by the American business magazine Bloomberg.

Won’t there be more Call of Duty in Geforce Now soon?

Nvidia fears that Microsoft will ensure that Call of Duty & Co. can no longer be played. With the Geforce Now cloud service, but only via Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has not yet commented on this. According to the statements, the group would like to proceed similarly to the acquisition of Minecraft developer Mojang Studios. Minecraft is still available on Playstation for Nintendo Switch and smartphones. Only a free Microsoft account is a requirement for new use. Recently, the Redmond company publicly announced with a 10-year contract that it would also publish Activision Blizzard games on Nintendo consoles. Microsoft made an offer to Sony Lifetime version of Call of Duty on Playstation, but the Playstation manufacturer has not yet accepted this offer. The Japanese company fears that exclusive agreements for Playstation players will not be possible after the acquisition. Once a month, exclusively for Playstation players, there is currently double experience points Call of duty modern warfare 2.

Google is concerned that it could give Microsoft an unfair advantage in the mobile gaming space. Finally, Call of Duty Mobile was born Millions of dollars in sales Developer King’s hit smartphone studio à la Candy Crush is also affiliated with Activision Blizzard. However, Google fails to point out that it has a monopoly with the Playstore. Android is and always will be an open platform on which fully functional apps can also be installed from other app stores.

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A set of new concerns about the Activision acquisition:

  • About a year ago it was announced that Microsoft wanted to buy Activision Blizzard. Since then, various authorities around the world have scrutinized the $70 billion acquisition.
  • Nvidia fears that Microsoft will guarantee that Call of Duty & Co. will not be playable. With Geforce Now cloud service. Alternatively, WoW, CoD, etc. can only be streamed via Xbox Game Pass.
  • Google also has its own suspicions and concerns that Microsoft will gain an unfair advantage in the field of mobile games. Finally, Activision Blizzard also includes developer studio King, which stars smartphone hits like Candy Crush.

Source: bloomberg